Hi, I'm Morgan.

A classically trained chef with a journey that has taken me from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America to the bustling kitchens of New York City and Chicago.

Morgan's story

She's Not Forking Around

Throughout my journey, I've taken on various roles in the culinary industry, ranging from a sommelier at Eataly in NYC to overseeing the dining room as a manager at Spiaggia, culminating in a fulfilling six-year tenure as the general manager at J&L Catering.

A Lifelong Love for Food

My culinary journey began in a bustling restaurant in downtown Chicago when I was in high school. I made the daily trek from the suburbs to the city and knew from this moment I wanted to be a chef.

A Taste of Italy and Beyond

My culinary education transcended borders when I pursued my passion in Florence, Italy. I attended Apicius The Culinary Institute of America and learned about regional Italian cuisine.

A Commitment to Farm-to-Table

My devotion to the farm-to-table philosophy was sparked during my internship at the Michelin-starred Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, New York. This immersive experience ignited a lifelong commitment to sourcing the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients.

Return to Chicago and Fine Dining

I further refined my craft as the dining room manager at the prestigious Michelin-Starred Spiaggia. This experience sharpened my ability to curate extraordinary dining experiences, leaving an indelible mark on my culinary journey.

A Leap of Faith

In 2021, I made the  decision to leave behind my comfortable corporate job and re-immerse myself in the world of cooking. I began working with clients on a daily basis, providing in-home meal preparation services. This marked the start of a new chapter, allowing me to cater to a diverse range of events, from intimate girls' trips and business dinners to momentous anniversary celebrations and holiday feasts.
Features and Experiences

3 Fun facts about Morgan

I've worked on a farm.

For the past 7+years, I’ve been an urban gardener in Chicago but before then I spent a summer as an intern at Blue Hill at Stone Barns outside of NYC. Not only did I work as a line cook in the restaurant but also had daily farm chores like closing chicken coops and collecting compost.

Ciao amici!

I spent a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy and had the incredible opportunity to attend culinary school. During this immersive experience, I delved into the local Tuscan cuisine, deepened my knowledge of Italian wine, and honed my skills in food photography.

Grilled Cheese to Gourmet

I've got a cheesy secret from my past - I used to sling grilled cheese sandwiches on the lively Phish lot! Turning childhood love for cooking into my first taste of business success.
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